Want to get connected to something

bigger than you?

We are men in the marketplace living out our faith in authentic relationships. We are guys just like you, trying our very best to honor Christ and glorify God. We’re Christian Business Men’s Connection.

How do I know if this is right for me?

CBMC of  Aberdeen is a ministry for business and professional leaders, encouraging them toward: spiritual development, personal integrity, principled leadership, and much more.

At CBMC we strive to encourage individuals to get connected and to stay connected in order to help them grow in their faith. Being strong in faith empowers men to share with others the good news of Jesus Christ in the marketplace and to live godly lives. By fulfilling God’s purpose in their lives, men become a light to those around them by operating at a higher level of moral character and integrity and thus change the world around them. No man can do all of this alone, so join the men of CBMC and make a difference to the men in your business.

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